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Top 10 Best Government Grant Products & Info Reviews

The U.S. Government is Giving Away Billions in Grants to Average Citizens who Know How to Apply For It.


Government grants are free cash gifts dispersed by the US Government and never have to be repaid. They are given as incentives to promote everything from expanding a business, buying a business, purchasing a home, remodeling your home, purchasing investment real estate, paying bills, purchasing a car, paying taxes, paying medical expenses, paying for college to providing unlimited opportunities for women and minorities and much, much more! 

They have no special requirements, no collateral requirements and no credit check requirements. Once the money has been awarded to you, it is yours to keep and you never have to pay it back! You as an American tax payer are entitled to receive this money.

You will be shown how much money is available, exactly where to apply for it, you'll get the names of specific individuals to apply to, you will also be given applications for each of the specific grants! 

 To qualify for these grants, you must be a US citizen and 18 years of age or older. A good credit history is not necessary, You qualify for a broader range of grants if you have bad credit and are a current or aspiring homeowner, parent, business owner, student, woman or minority. 

In an effort to help citizens sift through and select which of the 30,000 grants they qualify for, several companies have produced Government Grant Guides and Programs. 

These guides and programs help you the grant seeker determine which grants you qualify for and guide you step-by-step on exactly how to apply for them.

Also, in an effort to keep their published information as current as possible, many of theses publishers have now converted the paper versions of their guides into digital books and database programs.

Denny Rehberg announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has cleared the way for a $3,008,400 monthly grant for special needs housing.

New housing $103 million grant product Line. This new mortgage loan program is intended to combat predatory lending by assisting families with poor or no credit.

We founded this to provide consumers with the tools needed to take full advantage of the comparison-shopping power of the internet. If you've never comparison shopped for products or services online before, you are in for a real treat. So sit back, and let someone else do all the leg work for you for a change!

Top 10 Results:

The sites listed below have been reviewed by us and we feel offer the best products by comparison and the most competitive
prices from the many companies that we have reviewed and should serve your needs: 

The following list identifies and reviews the top 10 Government Grant Guides and services available on the Internet today.  Each has a slightly different focus and emphasis. So spend a minute or two browsing our reviewed lists to save time and money.

Name Popularity


Final Comments

Free Money
On Grants

This well organized online grant directory is huge, and has shows you free grant money programs that are available for just about anything you could need money for. Unlike some of the other grant products they don't focus on just one type of grant program.

They focus on thousands! Plus, they will help you choose from the many grant programs available. So you are sure to find one you qualify for. This program includes a free consultation with a Grant Funding Specialist this will greatly increase your chances of obtaining a grant or loan of your choice"

Also included is a free membership to the National Grant Search Database "using this site alone can greatly increase your chances of obtaining a grant or loan of your choice" here you'll instantly receive access to thousands of private organizations that are required to give away at least 5% of their assets every year!

The whole package used to be priced at $49, however for a limited time they're giving it away for free as long as you pay the small $1.98 one-time shipping & handling fee.


Free Money

$39.99 One of the first online grant directories around. America's Directory to Grants and Government Loans, will provide you access to thousands of grant and loan sources.


Free Government Grants and
$34.95 Their grant package includes over 45 thousand grant sources and contact information, grant writing software, low interest loan sources, insider tips on government auctions & information on how to claim unclaimed assets in your state. Very well organized and a super value for the money. This grant package comes along with an incredible 15 additional FREE bonus offers. "A MUST SEE!"


Free GovGrants
& Loans

$34.95 Another completely well organized directory. The Package includes everything you could possibly need to find, prepare and apply for any grant suitable to your needs. A great complete online directory of all available U.S. Federal and State Government grants & loans programs. Plus Bonuses. 


Free Grant
Money For Me

$29.97 The advise this grant guide gives is concrete and the information in it is easy-to-use. Their grant guide exposes you to thousands of grant and loan sources.  The quality of the product is very good.


Grants Secrets
$39.97 This grant guide is ideal for beginners, it provides over 25,000 different kinds of grants. It also list many resources to help beginners get started quickly. They also have tutorials in their member's section. As a member you also get free access to 7 of their other websites.



$24.50 A great comprehensive online directory of U.S. Federal and State Government grants & loans programs. 


Free Grants

$29.90 This site also has one of the best selling US government grant directory being sold online today.


Grant & Loans
$34.95 The book walks you through the entire process, including who has the money and why they give it away.


Free U S

$12.95 This book includes a lot of useful grant information, but does not really compare to the others.

Also, in addition to selecting the right grant directory, many grant seekers have found this site Uncle Sam's Money to be a very good resource for writing grant applications that do actually get approved and funded. 

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